ANU Medical Centre FAQs

31 January 2023

Updated Tuesday 31 January 2023

To continue providing high quality health services and enable an expansion of health services available to meet the needs of our staff and students, ANU has commenced a two-stage procurement process for a provider of primary health services at the existing ANU Medical Centre in Kambri.  

The Centre on campus provides general practice and nurse practitioner services to our community and will continue to operate as normal while the procurement process is underway.  We are also recruiting more General Practitioners (GPs) for 2023. 

The procurement process is expected to be completed by April 2023.  

Updated FAQs 

What happens now? 

The ANU Medical Centre continues to operate as usual while we undertake the procurement process for a preferred health care provider.  

Where is the procurement process up to?

With Phase 1 of the ANU Medical Centre procurement process completed in late 2022, the University will now move into a negotiation phase with a potential new provider. The Centre is continuing to operate as normal. The ANU community will be updated regarding progress. 

Does the University know who will be the preferred health care provider?  

Not yet. We are undertaking a thorough procurement process to evaluate all available options and assessing the market to find the best suited healthcare provider for our campus and community. 

What does this mean for clinical and professional staff working at the ANU Medical Centre? 

Our Head of Clinical Services and Director of University Experience have already met with all the staff and the GPs at the Centre to let them know what is going on. Nothing will change for our staff, the GPs or patients while the procurement process is undertaken.  

Our Medical Centre staff and the GPs will be first to hear from ANU once our preferred provider is chosen. 

We are looking to recruit more GPs into 2023.

What does this mean for ANU staff and students who want to access health services on campus? 

ANU staff, students and existing patients are still able to access our healthcare services at the ANU Medical Centre on campus. Bookings via HotDoc can still be made. 

How long will be the procurement process take?

In January 2022, ANU engaged specialist advisors from Nous Group and Think, Change, Resolve to undertake an assessment of sustainable governance and service scope options for the future of the ANU Medical Centre in Kambri. 

We are currently assessing the market - our priority is to ensure a healthcare provider which provides cost effective, timely and high-quality healthcare to our community. Request for Tenders (RFT) closed on 10 October 2022. 

We have now moved into Stage 2 of the procurement process. By April 2023, we should have completed the procurement process. 


Why is it taking so long? 

These processes can't be rushed. We want to find the best possible provider and we will continue to provide all the usual services until they are on board. 

Who within ANU will be overseeing the procurement process? 

In line with widely-used governance principles, we have established a Project Control Group to oversee the procurement process to ensure the process is thorough, diligent and our community's interests at the forefront 

What if there isn't a suitable provider found? 

We will continue to provide health services and revisit our options. We will notify our community if we are unable to find a suitable provider throughout this process.  

Why can't the services model continue to run as it is currently? 

The current model is not sustainable in the long-term. To be able to provide the best health care services for our community, we need to expand our services available.  Specialist organisations are more appropriately skilled and resourced to do this. Our expectation is an external provider will alleviate the current wait times our patients are facing, improve patient care and efficiency, and most importantly, be able to meet the needs of our diverse student community.  

Is the University doing this to cut cost? 

No, this won't change the amount of funding we allocate towards these services. The current model is not sustainable in the long-term and to ensure we can continue to provide health care services on campus, an external specialist provider is needed. The Project Control Group is overseeing the process to make sure our community's interests are the priority. We want to ensure healthcare is cost effective, timely and high-quality - available to our staff and students. 

Will the ANU community be regularly updated? 

Yes, we are committed to ensuring our community is regularly updated about what is happening with the ANU Medical Centre on campus. We will continue to update you regularly as the procurement process progresses.