Acton campus building status

22 January 2020


On Monday 20 January 2020, Canberra experienced a destructive hailstorm which resulted in extensive building damage at the Acton campus, with over 80 buildings impacted. The hailstorm also caused significant damage to nearly all motor vehicles on campus.

To ensure safety for the ANU community, the Acton campus was closed on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 January 2020 to allow for a comprehensive inspection of all building and facilities and for clean-up and repairs to continue.  Safety remains our highest priority and the University will continue to monitor and assess the campus and manage any issues arising. 

From Thursday 23 January 2020, the below list of buildings are able to be accessed by staff and students.  If you do not see your building on this list, we appreciate your patience while we work through assessments. This list is frequently updated. Please note that within these buildings, there may be local areas of damage and you should work with your building custodian or supervisor on alternate arrangements in your building.  In addition, some buildings have sustained damage to windows (which will be boarded up) and air-conditioning units.  While you can access the building and work within it, it will take some time for some of these repairs and equipment to be brought back online. 

We appreciate your patience while we work through the remediation.

Molley Huxley Building 01A
24 Balmain Crescent 01C
RG Menzies Building 02
Block H (O.A.A.) 03H
K Block  03K
Tuckwell Scholar House Block L 03L
Block M Aust Nat Dictionary Centre 03M
Block N CASS 03N
Law School 05
Law School - North Wing  6
Law School 6A
Law Link Building 7
HC Coombs Building - Extension 08
HC Coombs Lecture Theatre  08A
HC Coombs Building - CAP Wing 9
HC Coombs Building - CASS Wing (available from Monday 3 February, 8am) 9
Chancelry Building 10
Chancelry Building 10C
Chancelry Building 10TI

Melville Hall

Beryl Rawson Building 13
CASS Graduate Student Centre 13A
Asian Studies Demountable 13B
JB Chifley Library 15
University Health Service and Counselling Centre 18
David Cocking Building 19
David Cocking Extension 19A
David Cocking Extension 19B
PAP Moran Building 21
Hayden-Allen Building 22
Hayden-Allen Lecture Theatre 23
Copland Building 24
Copland Lecture Theatre 25
HW Arndt Building 25A
LF Crisp Building  26
PAP Moran Building  26B
College of Business and Economics 26C
Constables Cottage 28
Buggy Shed 28A
Drill Hall Gallery 29
Ian Ross Building 31
Engineering Building 32
Birch Building 35
Craig Building 35A
WEH Stanner Building  37
Physics Link 38A
Gravity Wave Building 38B
Psychology Building 39
Peter Baume Building 42
Peter Baume Building 42A
WK Hancock Building - West Wing 43
Banks Building 44
John Yencken Building 45
RN Robertson Building 46
RN Robertson Building 46C
RN Robertson Building - Loading dock 46G
RN Robertson - Plant 46I
Robertson Grinding Shed 46O
Waste Handling Shed 46T
Robertson Storage Shed 1 46V
Robertson Storage Shed 2 46W
Robertson Prefab Labs 46X
DA Brown Building 47
Forestry Building 48
Geography Building 48A
Burton and Garran Hall 49
Burton and Garran Hall - Block A 49A
Burton and Garran Hall - Block B 49B
Burton and Garran Hall - Block C 49C
Burton and Garran Hall - Block D 49D
Burton and Garran Hall - Block L 49L
Ursula Hall 50
Laurus Wing Stage 1 50T1
Laurus Wing Stage 2 50T2
John XXIII College 51
Burgmann College 52
Central Store 53
Central Store 53E
Florey Building 54
Leonard Huxley Building 56
Leonard Huxley Building - Plant 56A
Radiation Materials Store 56B
Nuclear Physics Building 57
Cockcroft Building 58
Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility  58A

Erich Weigold Building

John Carver Building 58C

Cockcroft/Oliphant Link Building

Therma-Chemical Lab 58E
Workshop/Oil Store 58F
Oliphant Building 60
Jaegar Building 61
Jaegar Building 1 61-1
Jaegar Building 2 61-2
Jaegar Building 3 61-3
Jaegar Building 4 61-4
Jaegar Building 6 61-6
M Block 62
M Block Extension 62A
N Block - Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute  63A
N Block T1 63T1
N Block T2 63T2
Gardeners Depot 64
Gardeners Cottage 64A
University General Store 64B
Contractors Shed/Machine Shed 64-1
20 Balmain Lane 65
18 Balmain Lane 66
16 Balmain Lane 67
14 Balmain Lane 67A
12 Balmain Lane 67B
1 Liversidge Street 67C
5 Liversidge Street 69
7 Liversidge Street 70

28 Balmain Transportable

22 Balmain Lane 72
Old Canberra House 73
Old Canberra House Block A 73A
Old Canberra House Block B 73B
Old Canberra House Block C 73C
HRC/CCR Annex 74
Lennox House Block A 75A
Lennox House Block E 75E
Lennox House Block F 75F
Lennox Transportable 1 75T1
Lennox Transportable 2 75T2
ACTON Underhill 76
OHB - Tennis Court 86
South Oval 87
South Oval Pavillon 88 
South Oval Shed 88A
Telstra Hut 88TH
Fellows Oval 89
Willows Oval 90
Churchill House 93
Fulton Muir Building 95
Toad Hall Maintenance Shed 98
Baldessin Parking Station 99
School of Music  100
9 Liversidge Street  101
THIN Section Office and Garage 101A
THIN Section Laboratory  101B
David Happold Building 103
School of Art and Design 105
Baldessin Annex 105A
School of Art Transportable 105B
Dickson Precinct Parking Station 106
Computer Science & Information Technology Building 108
Kingsley Street Parking Station 109
Baldessin Precinct 110
Jaegar 5 113
Brian Anderson Building 115
Gould Building 116
Hugh Ennor Building 117
Graduate House 118
Peter Karmel Building 121
Anthony Low Building 124
Jaegar 7 125
Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies 127
8 Liversidge Street 128
Hedley Bull Building 130
JG Crawford Building 132
GJ Yeend Wing 132A
Wes Whitten Building 133
Linneaus Building 134
Science Teaching Building 136
Chemistry Building 137
Chemistry Building 138
Solar Thermal Compound 139
Gardeners Soil Depot 140
Frank Fenner Building 141
Jaegar 8  142
National Computational Infrastructure 143
Kambri Cultural Precinct 144
Hanna Neumann Building 145
Goodstart Early Learning Centre 147
Eccles Park 148
Wamburun Hall 150
Kambri - Central Plant 151
Fenner Hall 152
Cultural Building 153
Di Riddell Student Centre  154
Kambri Carpark 159
Bruce Hall  162
Wright Hall 163
Health and Wellbeing Centre - NHC 156-1
Health and Wellbeing Centre - Pool  156-2
China in the World Building 188
China in the World Building - Stage 2 188A


The following buildings are partially habitable and require cleaning and/or repairs. 

Chancelry Building 10A
Chancelry Building 10B
AD Hope Building 14
Copland Building 24
Physics Building 38
N Block 63
Lennox House Block A 75D
Sir Roland Wilson Building 120
W.K. Hancock Building - East Wing 122

The following buildings are currently unavailable due to repairs. 


26 Balmain Crescent 01B
HC Coombs Building - Middle  Wing 9
DNF Dunbar Physics Lecture Theatre 39A
Banks Greenhouse 44A
University Maintenance Building 45A
Robertson Greenhouse 46F
Robertson Old Growth Cabinet Shed 46H
Robertson Banksia Greenhouse 46J
Robertson Greenhouse 12 46K
Robertson Greenhouse 11 46L
Robertson Acacia Greenhouse  46N
Robertson Eucalyptus Greenhouse 46Q
Robertson Darwinia Greenhouse 46R
Robertson Correa Greenhouse 46S
3 Liversidge Street 68
28 Balmain Crescent 71


Please refer to Acton campus map here