Academic Board News – Meeting: 23 August 2022

23 August 2022

Academic Board News  

Meeting 4/2022

23 August 2022


Academic Board held its fourth meeting of the year on 23 August 2022.

Report from the Vice-Chancellor
The Vice-Chancellor discussed key items contained in his report with members, including; productive and positive engagements with the Minister for Education and ANU participation in the Jobs and Skills Summit, the availability of new research and development funding, the ANU mid-year student intake (highest on record), the management of COVID-19 on campus and residences, and international students return to campus.

Report from the Chair
Since the last Academic Board meeting there had been one out-of-session approval - concerning the Terms of Reference for the Exams Working Group (EWG). A comprehensive report was submitted to with several recommendations for Academic Board consideration.  

Evaluating Student Experience through Analysis of Graduate Outcomes Survey Responses
Planning and Service Performance (PSP) submitted a detailed report to Academic Board 1/2022 (15 March) that outlined four recommendations (A, B, C, D) aimed at developing methods to improve evaluation of the ANU student experience.  As part of this discussion, further information was requested on Recommendation D, which proposed investing resources to improve research about ANU by ANU, for ANU.

Data Governance Framework 
Each Academic Board sub-committee provided feedback on a set of draft data governance principles that were developed by the Academic Board Data Governance Working Group. Analysis of feedback resulted in several observations being made about how Academic Board can guide the development of the data governance framework and support the implementation of the ANU Digital Master Plan. The Board approved the proposal for a workshop to focus on aspirational data governance principles later in the year and noted that it would be valuable to invite external experts, with demonstrated proficiency in data governance, to attend the workshop.

Exams Working Group
The Exams Working Group (EWG) convened three times to address complex issues relating to the current state of exams and assessment at ANU. The working group identified several concerns regarding the management of a high volume of exams in different formats. To address identified risks and challenges, the working group developed six recommendations that focused on; enhancing support, encouraging use of ANU supported approaches, enhancing integrity and identity controls through exam re-design and review, streamlining exam administration, resourcing and support and future planning. The Board supported a number of the majority of the recommendations, un-supported recommendations will be subject to further consultation and analysis.


Academic Board approved the following policy documents:

  • Review of the International Partnerships and Agreements Policy
  • Professional and Short Courses Policy and Procedure Review
  • Amendments to English Language Admission Requirements (for applications to study on or after 1 December 2022)

Other matters
Academic Board also considered other significant matters, including: the Academic Risk Monitoring Report, the TEQSA Risk Assessment Report, TEQSA Re-registration Update, the Special Assessment Consideration Working Group Report and recommendations and student concerns relating to the disestablishment of three CASS undergraduate courses and remediation.


Professor Joan Leach
Chair, Academic Board