A splash of colour for Kambri during Enlighten

1 March 2019

It's big, it's bright, it's bold, and before you see it and say 'what on earth!', we thought it would be good to write about it!

A giant colourful artwork that lights up at night and that you'll be able to sit around during the day, is on show in Kambri during March as part of the Enlighten festival.

Called Live for Love, the giant inflatable artwork that has, according to one of its artists, two personalities (at night and day) represents different expressions of love.

Maurice Goldberg from the Goldberg Aberline Studio says the ANU work is based on a similar work created for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Sydney's Mardi Gras, last year.

"The first piece we did was on love and it was called 40 years of love. Since then we've had a lot of interest in that work and people have asked if we can do some artworks that are about all forms of love," he says.

"So we wanted to create a work that is about young love, old love, gay love, straight love, and any other love you can imagine or want in your life."

"Live for love is a statement about love - that love is beautiful and bright and audacious and grand and colourful and if our lives were more focused on love, we would be happier people and have a more balanced world."

The work's most obvious stand out features are its colours and shapes.

"They're going to see a huge, happy, colourful, explosion of beautiful and exciting forms and shapes that are around two very big winged hearts - all inflatable, by the way," Maurice says.

A shipping container is being used to help weigh it down on University Avenue, so it withstands those blustery Canberra autumn days.

"The container does two things - it holds it down because it has enormous wind loads on them, so they're always a big engineering puzzle, and it gives us two tonnes of weight. Shipping containers are also a wonderful height so people can get close enough to touch the inflatable while it's still being elevated."

Maurice says the installation also includes beanbags.

"We've made the beanbags so people can sit with a laptop, or an iPad or whatever and do some work, so they're not just normal beanbags."

The work is one of three that Maurice and fellow artist and business partner Matthew Aberline of Goldberg Aberline Studio are creating for the Enlighten festival.

The other two (one of which is a 40 metre long organic 'cell', named Animalcule, while the other, called Red Air was created with the help of Aboriginal artists (Kaye and Sharon Warrie from the Cheeditha people)) will be outside Old Parliament House during the event.

It's not the first time Maurice and Matthew have showcased their works in Canberra. Over the past two years, they've had a 36 metre inflatable work on the Alinga Street bridge. They also created an inflatable chandelier for Hotel Hotel.

Live for Love is on display in Kambri during Enlighten from 28 February.