A Scottish flair at the School of Art

Visiting artist Lucy Irvine says she’s grateful to have access to resources within the School of Art to create some beautiful works.

The Scottish sculptor is visiting ANU for six weeks, during which time she’s been working on a piece she started before her residency. The piece, which is made up of wire covered in white and orange twine that is normally used in the construction of electrical fencing, cable ties and a wire frame, is being showcased in an exhibition until 22 August.

The exhibition will also show some of her initial experiments during her time at ANU.

“I’m very interested in materials that are usually very functional, that are usually very utilitarian. That has become increasingly popular in art and craft as a whole,” she said.

One of Ms Irvine's works, on display at the ANU School of Art until 22 August.

“But I am really drawn to the aesthetics of transforming certain materials but not actually disguising what they’re originally made out of. And I also like to consider what the original function is and how they play a part in keeping our everyday lives going.”

The young artist finished her Masters at the Victorian College of Art four years ago, but was approached to come to ANU to teach students about some of her techniques while continuing to learn about sculpture and textiles.

“I have a three-year-old daughter. Since having her I have aimed at a particular exhibition, creating a particular piece. So having the opportunity to let go and see what happens, and have the space for various successes, but also to have the space for a certain amount of failure is incredibly creative and important,” Ms Irvine said.

“I’d say time is the main thing out of that. And also the resources. Using a combination of the textile department and the sculpture department’s resources also feels very luxurious and fantastic.”

More information on the exhibition can be found at the School of Art website. Ms Irvine is also delivering a public lecture about her residency at ANU and her style.