A message to ANU students in residences

22 March 2020

Dear residential students

As you may have seen some Australian states have announced a requirement for people arriving from interstate to self-isolate as part of their COVID-19 response.

This comes as some of you have asked if you are required to remain in residences. The short answer is no. Our residences will remain open and we will ensure they are safe for residents. However if there is somewhere else - your family home for example - where you would feel more comfortable and you would like to go there, this week's pause in teaching is the time to leave.

To be clear, we intend to keep our residences open, you are welcome to stay - and if you have no alternative I assure you we plan to take care of you - but if you intend to leave, to avoid being caught up in any future restrictions on movement, you should plan to go as soon as possible. 

For staff, we anticipate no change in your roles as we need the Halls to remain open. However, if you anticipate any gaps in your availability because of caring responsibilities or for other reasons please advise your supervisor as soon as possible.

This situation is evolving quickly and we'll have more to say in the coming days. You can find information about COVID-19 below:

These are difficult times, so please look after yourselves and if you need help, ask for it. You can access support via the ANU Crisis Support Line on 1300 050 327 or via SMS Text message service on 0488 884 170.    

Kind regards

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic