2015 Colombo Plan Scholars announced

8 December 2014

Six ANU students have won scholarships to study in Asia and the Pacific in 2015 as part of the Federal Government’s New Colombo Plan, with two awarded prestigious fellowships.

The students - Alana Tolman, Andrew Wrigley, Ee-Faye Chong, Erin Corkill, Mark Pennini and Stephanie Otten - are studying a range of degrees in the Sciences, International Relations and Law disciplines.Alana Tolman and Mark Pennini were awarded two of 17 national fellowships.

Alana was named the Brunei Fellow and Mark was named the Mongolia Fellow to study in Mongolia.

Alana, who is studying a Bachelor of Law and Asian Studies, will spend at least a year studying at the University of Brunei Darussalam.

“That entails being a spokesperson for the program, or for other scholars at other particular events and being the representative to be sent to embassies or conferences,” she said.

The 19-year-old says she will be based in Brunei but may travel to Malaysia or Indonesia for field work during the posting.

“During that time I’m also hoping to line up an internship with either the Australian High Commission there, to gain an understanding of how Australia relates to the Asia-Pacific,” she said.

“Studying law I’d also be interested in a law internship."

The Colombo Plan scholarships, valued at up to $65,000 each, will allow each students to spend up to 12 months at an overseas university, with an optional further six months as an intern.

The New Colombo Plan was launched by Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop in December 2013, as a platform for Australia’s engagement with Asia.

In August 2014 the program was extended from the original four destinations to include 38 countries for the 2015 round of scholarships.

The six ANU students were picked from a national pool of 284 nominees. Nationally, 69 students received scholarships in the latest round.

ANU has secured $340,000 in funding for the latest round, taking the University’s total funding under the New Colombo Plan to $540,000.

The successful students are:

Alana Tolman, Asian Studies/Law (CAP/Law), University of Brunei Darussalam, Brunei;

Andrew Wrigley, Comp Sci (Hons) (CECS), NUS, Singapore;

Ee-Faye Chong, PhB (Science) (Science),Tohoku University, Japan;

Erin Corkill, International Relations (CASS), University of the South Pacific, Vanuatu;

Mark Pennini, Arts/Law (Hons) (CASS/Law), National University of Mongolia, Mongolia;

Stephanie Otten, Asia-Pacific Studies/Commerce (CAP/CBE), Fudan University, China.