2014 last lecture – voting opens

2 October 2014

Students are encouraged to choose who they would like to deliver the Last Lecture of the year on campus.

Voting has opened for the University's annual Last Lecture, which will be held on Thursday 30 October at 5.30pm and which marks the end of the academic year.

Held every year since 2006 (except 2012), the ANU Students Association and the Postgraduate and Research Students Association began the tradition which is common at institutions in the United Kingdom.

"It's a wonderful opportunity to have a ceremonial end to the academic teaching year, with students getting the chance to voice their appreciation of lecturers that they've found charismatic and have made a difference to them," says Dean of Students, Associate Professor Paula Newitt.

"There's nothing quite like it. It doesn't have the formality of a graduation. It's at that point in the academic year where it's a relief for students where they don't have tension over exams.

"It's a really joyful event, it's got such a positive vibe. There is literally a buzz in the Hall at University House when everyone's waiting for the Last Lecturer to come out and speak."

During the talk, the Last Lecturer is dressed in their traditional robes used during graduation, although the event itself is very informal.

In 2006 international relations lecturer Chris Reus-Smit, the then deputy director of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, won the honour of delivering the inaugural Last Lecture.

In 2014, 100 lecturers have accepted nominations to deliver the lecture. The Dean of Students' office received more than 280 nominations, from students who believed that 152 lecturers deserved to deliver the lecture.

"That's an absolutely stunning result," Associate Professor Newitt says.

Voting, which opened Friday 26 September, is taking place online via Apollo and closes at 3pm Thursday 9 October.

The winner will be announced on Monday 13 October.

The complete list of 100 of the 2014 Last Lecture nominees, and the previous lectures, are found at the Dean of Students website.