11-16 - Update from the COVID Response Office

16 November 2020

COVID-19 update

Monday 16 November

We value your feedback, suggestions and questions and they can be sent to us via email: COVIDResponseOffice@anu.edu.au.


COVID-19 has not gone away
An outbreak of 17 cases of local transmission has now been reported in SA, the first such cases in Australia for eight days, and the first in SA for nearly three months. Hundreds of people have been put into immediate quarantine as a result. Outbreaks can still happen - be COVID-safe!

Resources and posters
We have compiled some of the most reliable resources to help you understand current advice and restrictions. This includes guidance on signage and posters that work areas must display, and how to get these printed for your area. 

Current status

COVID-safe campus alert - LOW

Current level of ANU Alert System

Our current level is "low" with no or low community transmissions in the ACT.

Canberra Recovery Plan Stage 3, Step 3.2

Canberra's Recovery Plan
We are currently in Stage 3, Step 3.2 of Canberra’s Recovery Plan.

Further changes came into effect on Friday 13 November as follows: 

  • All gatherings can increase to 500 people. To hold gatherings of greater than 500, an exemption in accordance with the COVID Safe Event Protocol is required. 
  • The requirement for patrons to be seated while eating and drinking will be removed for outdoor spaces.   
  • Businesses, venues and facilities are strongly encouraged to request contact information from patrons using an electronic method. The free and secure  Check In CBR app is available for venues to fulfil this requirement, which also removes the burden on venues to hold these records.

A global snapshot

Daily confirmed new cases

Source: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/animated-world-map

Daily new confirmed cases per million people

Source: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus



Note – there have not been any changes to the advice regarding travel to and from SA at this stage but this is likely to change soon due to the recent outbreak.  

ACT ️to NSW 

ACT ️to VIC 

  • Travel to Victoria is strongly discouraged at this time. 


  • ACT residents can return home from Victoria but are required to enter quarantine until 14 days after leaving Victoria unless they are granted an exemption. ACT residents must notify ACT Health of their intention to return. If travelling by road you must also apply for a border entry permit from Services NSW. Non-residents will be denied entry into the ACT unless they are granted an exemption by ACT Health. 
  • Persons who have not visited an identified area of restriction or an area of concern in Victoria within the previous 14 days prior to travel may not need to quarantine upon their arrival to the ACT but are required to seek an exemption. 

ACT ️to WA 

From Saturday, 14 November, ACT residents are able to enter WA without quarantine. WA border is now operating a controlled border rather than a fully open border, therefore things can change rapidly. You are advised to check the current status before travelling

Updates from the COVID Response Office

Other news

  • ACT Health are setting up the ANU sites in their system including printing QR codes for implementation of the Check in CBR app. Further information will be provided once we have the codes and are ready to display around the campus.

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