A workshop at AIATSIS

Canberra, 25-27 November 2004

Convenors: Patrick McConvell (AIATSIS) and Jenny Green (Alice Springs)

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Links to resources

Dictionary maintenance tools

SIL's Shoebox (Mac and Windows) and its partial successor Field Linguist’s Toolbox 1.2 (Windows; Mac and Unix planned)

SIL's LinguaLinks Lexical database tools

DOBES Tools, including WebLexicon (Remote editing of server based lexicons)

Brett Baker and Chris Manning on using FileMaker for a dictionary of an Australian language

Dictionary presentation tools

SIL International's MDF (Multi-Dictionary Formatter) — now part of Shoebox
Chris Manning's Preparing a dictionary for Kirrkirrstarts from a dictionary in Shoebox format
SIL International's Lexique Pro (Windows only) — starts from a dictionary in Shoebox format
William Poser's Poor Man's Web Dictionarya way to create a bare-bones HTML presentation of a dictionary

Semantic domain headings useable for Australian languages

considerations about presentation: Corris, Miriam, Christopher Manning, Susan Poetsch, and Jane Simpson. 2004. How useful and usable are dictionaries for speakers of Australian Indigenous languages? International Journal of Lexicography 17:33-68.

Places for help with tools
Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity's FAQs
PARADISEC's Linguistics Software, Annotation and Dictionaries
The lexicographylist discussion form on Yahoo (requires free registration with Yahoo) — includes several Shoebox experts — browse previous solutions, or describe a problem
EMELD's School of Best Practices in Digital Language Documentation

David F. Coward Charles E. Grimes. 2000. Making Dictionaries: A guide to lexicography and the Multi-Dictionary Formatter  (PDF document, 2.2Mb)

Kevin Roddy's Shoebox tutorials, including the Multi-Dictionary Formatter (MDF))

Andy Pawley's lexicography course description (ANU)

Australex is the lexicography association for Australia and New Zealand — see the Australex page for links on lexicography, and links to online dictionaries

Bibliography (needs to be classified and annotated...)

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