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1978– Nash travels

Trips returning to Karlantijpa country, 1978-1997 (from Table 7, Henderson & Nash 1997)
yeardatepart assisting agency
1978July 4-5AIAS
19793 trips JulyCLC land claim
19802 trips (Aug, Oct)CLC land claim
19818 tripsCLC/ANR site clearance
19811 trip (Nov)CLC land claim

1984Aug 5-7NLC, ASSPA
1984Sept 23-26CLC
1986June 16-19ASSPA
19862 trips (July, Sept)CCNT
19862 trips (Aug, Nov)Jurnkurakurr ORC
1987June 25-26
1987July 13-20Jurnkurakurr ORC
1987Aug 1-3CLC
1988June 23-30ANPWS to CLC; Maryland Public Television
1988Sept 19-22Jurnkurakurr ORC
1988Oct 16-24CCNT (PK Latz account)
1989July 17-25CCNT (PK Latz account)
1990June 17-19CLC/ EL(A)
1990July 22-29CCNT (PK Latz account)
1990August 16-21CLC
1991June 26-30CLC
1991August 6-15CLC, EL(A)
1992several tripsNLC land claim
19922 trips (July, Aug)CLC
19932 trips (March, Sept)ANCA to CLC
1994AugustANCA to CLC
1994AugustSA Film Finance Corp
1996SeptemberANCA to CLC
19972 trips (Aug, Sept) CLC Land Management
1998 Aug PWCNT
1999 Sept PWCNT
2004 Oct CLC Land Management, BIITE
2009 April CLC Land Management
2010 June CLC Land Management
July (2 trips)
CLC Land Management
CLC Land Management,  PAW Media
CLC Land Management


ANR=Australian National Railways
ORC=Outstation Resource Centre
CCNT=Conservation Commission of the NT
PWCNT=Parkes and Wildlife Commission of the NT
ASSPA=Aboriginal Sacred Sites Protection Authory (now AAPA)
CLC=Central Land Council
NLC=Northern Land Council
EL(A)=Exploration Licence (Application)
PAW=Pintubi Anmatjere Warlpiri Media and Communications (Warlpiri Media Association)


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Latz, Peter. Back to the Tanami, with Engineer Jack. Alice Springs News 22.2(2 February 2015)

Latz, Peter. The adventure of my life. Alice Springs News 22.3(9 February 2015)

Latz, Peter. Searching for Kurlpulunu. Alice Springs News 22.3(19 February 2015)

Nash, David. 2002. Proving country, prospecting for places: re-visiting Karlantijpa country, pp.164-9 in Planning for Country. Cross-cultural approaches to decision-making on Aboriginal lands, ed. by Fiona Walsh and Paul Mitchell. Alice Springs: Jukurrpa Books (IAD Press). ix+203pp. ISBN 1864650370 Central Land Council

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