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Some Central Australian termites

These images have been supplied by Melinda Hillery <> and her colleagues at the CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems (formerly CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology), Alice Springs, with copyright retained by the individuals named. (E-mail addresses take the form:

The images are intended to support the Warlpiri Dictionary and other central Australian dictionaries.

For general information on termites, see for example
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Some Central Australian termites
Amitermes mounds in Tanami. © Graham Griffin
near Chilla Well 1986


Drepanotermes rubriceps mound in Tanami. © Melinda Hillery
190km west Tennant Ck, Yankirrikirlangu [1999?]
Drepanotermes rubriceps soldier. ©Melinda Hillery
Drepanotermes workers. © Craig James

Tumulitermes sp d soldier. ©Melinda Hillery
Tumulitermes sp d workers. ©Melinda Hillery
Nasutitermes triodiae in Tanami. © Trevor Hobbs
Sangster's Bore 1989
Nasutitermes triodiae in Great Sandy Desert. © Graham Griffin
400km SE Broome 1999

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