The Warlpiri spelling system has been used in Warlpiri schools since 1974.
                         apico-   apico-  lamino-   dorso-
              bilabial  alveolar  domal   alveolar  velar

stops         p         t       rt       j         k
nasals           m         n       rn       ny        ng
laterals                   l       rl       ly
flap                       rr rd
glides           w                 r        y
The vowels are i, a, u. Long vowels are written ii, aa, uu.

Word-initially, and usually after a hyphen, rl, rn, rt are written l, n, t respectively.

The clusters rl
rt, rn rt are written rlt, rnt respectively, and lyj, nyj are often written lj, nj respectively.

Suffixes and enclitics


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Modified 6 February 2012

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