Whitworth Roach Classical Music Competition & Scholarship

Priority area: 
Recognising excellence in classical music performance and providing financial support to students commencing first year studies in classical music.

The Whitworth Roach Classical Music Performance Competition was established at the ANU School of Music in 2015 by Ms Christine Roach. It is an annual event recognising students who perform historical classical music at a high level during a live competition.

This prestigious competition encourages and recognises excellence in classical music performance at the undergraduate or graduate level, with three prizes and a people's choice awarded annually. Students are judged on their level of performance throughout the competition as they perform an approved program of historical classical music composed from 1615 - 1915.

Funding is also provided to engage a visiting artist to perform a concert for the ACT community; to conduct master classes for students and to judge the competition.

In 2017 Christine established the Whitworth Roach Scholarship to be awarded to first year undergraduate students studying classical music at the ANU School of Music.

This early support for students will provide much needed financial security, encouraging students to pursue their ambition and focus their time and efforts on their study. These "start-up" scholarships aim to inspire passion for an excellence in classical music and encourage a deep commitment to musical practice for the recipients.

Donations to this fund will be directed to support the Whitworth Roach Classical Music Performance Competition and the Whitworth Roach Scholarship.

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