The Lesslie Endowment

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One of Australia’s leading geographers and natural resources scientists and his family have established an endowment to help promote sustainable management of the nation’s natural landscape.

The Lesslie Endowment recognises the contributions to landscape conservation and ecology by Dr Rob Lesslie, an alumnus of The Australian National University. The Endowment supports applied research in the area of landscape conservation and ecology with the potential to promote natural Australian landscapes and ecosystems that are better protected and resilient against the background of a changing climate, population and other threatening processes.

The Endowment will initially provide research grants and scholarships of up to $15,000 for honours and graduate students, to help with operational expenses for their study, while ANU researchers and affiliates can apply for up to $25,000.

Dr Lesslie graduated with a PhD geographical sciences in 1998. In his role as Director and Principal Scientist of the Land Use and Management Program in the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, he coordinated a national program to promote the development of consistent land use and land management, titled the Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program.

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