Poppy Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment

Priority area: 

Poppy Scholars are eager to learn and contribute to the community.
Each Poppy Scholar has the courage and discipline to complete what they have started despite of the obstacles that they have to face. Poppy Scholars face social, financial and personal obstacles but they see them as a way to succeed

The Poppy Undergraduate Scholarship helps talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds get a head start.

The scholarship was established by Ms Yuan Yuan (YY) Liu who funds one new scholar every three years. The scholarship is valued at $5,000 per year, for three years and is for students studying Sociology, Economics, Commerce or Law at ANU at the undergraduate level.

With your help, more talented Australian undergraduate students in need can realise their dreams of obtaining a world-class education from ANU. These students will continue their journeys in life and contribute to the broader community.

The Poppy Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • provides financial support to disadvantaged students in need;
  • assists and encourages the recipient to continue their studies;
  • acknowledges the effort and courage of the recipient in pursuing undergraduate study; and
  • supports and inspires the recipient to continue contributing to our community

Please give the gift of education and help our Scholars and community.  

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