ANU Sport Scholarships Fund

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Sport encourages many of the qualities that should define an ANU graduate such as loyalty, determination,  passion and the striving for excellence. It should form an important part of educational life, and is an important addition to the array of academic scholarships offered by ANU. Sports can play a formative and memorable role in one's university experience
This vision embracing sports scholarships marks an investment in young people with great potential in producing graduates with well-rounded skills and qualities. This scholarship aims to provide assistance to talented students to achieve their academic and athletic goals.
The University's vision is to develop well-rounded students who can inspire and have an impact on the future of our community, and also be great role models through sporting excellence.
Gifts to this endowment will be used to support ANU Sports scholarships.  ANU Sport & Recreation Association has already generously committed $100 000 to this cause to establish this endowment.

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