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Help us increase the chance of surviving cancer

ANU is the only Australian university to host a department solely dedicated to cancer research.

Our mission is to substantially increase discovery-based research and the development of new compounds, drugs and diagnostic approaches for cancer treatment. Will you help us in our mission?

Central to our research is an advanced robotically driven cancer drug discovery platform. This facility has the capacity to screen as many potential cancer drugs in one day as it would have taken an army of scientists a decade ago.

Your gift will support our cancer research facility that houses outstanding research teams, like the Quinn Group of Cancer Models in the John Curtin School of Medical Research. Led by Leonie Quinn, the team is identifying new therapies for brain cancer, because:

  • The 5-year survival for invasive brain cancer remains around 5%
  • No new therapies for brain cancers have been approved for over 25 years
  • Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease

Leonie's team will use 3D bio-printing to build 'mini-brains' that closely replicate the environment of tumours in the brain. New therapies identified using these 'mini-brains' are expected to have a much higher probability of success in clinical trials. In fact, Leonie already has an agreement with a leading clinical trial cancer centre in the USA to immediately progress therapies shown to be successful through 'mini-brains' research to clinical trial.

Your donation will help us upgrade our 2D facility to 3D. A 3D upgrade will allow our researchers to bio-print cancer tissue in a format that closely replicates the body, like the 'mini-brains'. This upgrade will significantly improve the accuracy of drug discovery and accelerate the translation of new treatments to patients.

With your help, the overall impact is expected to be:

  • Faster identification of new cancer therapies
  • Faster progression of these therapies to clinical trial
  • Higher success rates in clinical trials
  • New treatment approaches available to patients in a shorter period of time

Please give today to our ground breaking research facility. You can help us increase the chance of surviving cancer.


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