Vale Dr David Blair

6 September 2019

ANU researcher, Dr David Blair, was one of Victoria's leading botanists, and a much-loved member of Healesville, the Yarra Valley town he called home.

Specialising in Mountain Ash forests, Dave dedicated his research to understanding post-fire and post-logging vegetation recovery, and long-term data collection and analysis of the disturbance effects on plant biodiversity. Not only was he a champion of the forest in which he worked, Dave was also passionate about the protection of its vulnerable wildlife, including the critically endangered Leadbeater's possum.

Dave graduated with a PhD from ANU in July 2019, and published two books and over 40 scientific papers on his work on the Victorian forests.  Dave had almost finished collecting one of the most comprehensive vegetation datasets globally from 182 long-term sites and spanning a chronosequence of 250 years.

To ensure that Dave's valuable research and its benefits to the community are not lost, ANU welcomes gifts in memoriam towards an appointment of a Postdoctoral position to write and publish this important data.  In honour of Dave's incredible legacy to the field of environmental science we wish to publish this research, recognising Dave as the posthumous author.

For further information and to discuss your gift, please speak with Georgia Kendall, Development Manager, College of Science via phone 02 6125 0170 or email

View a video of the research in the Mountain Ash Forest, Victoria 

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