Today’s Indigenous scholars are tomorrow’s leaders

29 March 2021

To deliver on our responsibility to our nation's First Peoples, ANU is committed to increasing the recruitment and success of Indigenous students. Through a range of scholarships, grants and pastoral support from the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre, ANU has one of the best graduation rates of Indigenous students in Australia.

"At ANU, I finally felt that the two worlds I had been navigating - my Indigenous culture and academic studies - had come together. I really thrived in an environment where Indigenous excellence and cultural strength was celebrated."

Leila Smith (BA (Hons) '07) - CEO, Aurora Education Foundation, 2004 Joseph and Lindsay Croft Scholarship recipient

"I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all donors who support students to attend ANU. Without this support, students like me wouldn't be able to continue their studies."

William Kepa, 2020 Emmanuel and Jenny Notaras Scholarship recipient

"When academic institutions like ANU try to bridge the gap for Indigenous students through supportive programs, they are providing a foot in the door for so many who otherwise might not have even considered university a place for them. Thank you so incredibly much for your generosity and kindness."

Rebecca Beutel, 2018 recipient Elspeth Young Memorial Grant recipient, 2019 Judith Wright Scholarship recipient

Inspired by the generosity of our donors, the Kambri Scholars program was launched in March 2020 to support the next generation of Indigenous scholars, who go on to enrich their communities and give back to Country. The program ensures a range of holistic and culturally aware support programs to help Indigenous students get the most out of their studies.

ANU seeks to establish a $50 million endowment for the Kambri Scholars program, including a University commitment to match donations dollar for dollar. This will ensure support for Kambri Scholars in perpetuity, and help make ANU the first choice for more Indigenous students to study before they go on to fulfilling careers and lives.

Over the past five years, donors have given generously to The ANU Fund. In late 2020, $500,000 was distributed from The ANU Fund to support the Kambri Scholars program. With the University's dollar-for-dollar commitment, the program will now benefit from $1 million in contributions.

"Supporting impactful programs like Kambri Scholars will have the effect of providing continued support and career pathways across generations of First Nations people. University education provides a critical role in enablement and self-determination."

Phillip Jenkinson, CEO Baidam Solutions & Jamieson O'Reilly, Founder, Dvuln - Donors to the Kambri Scholars program

Thank you for your support. You are helping increase the number of Indigenous students at ANU, who will go on to fulfilling careers and lives.

This impact story is a feature in the 2020 Report to Donors

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