The journey begins

And so the bell tolled...
3 November 2014

ANU may be a young university, but we understand and respect tradition. Whether it be because of our distinct position in the nation's capital or as a result of educating Prime Ministers, ambassadors or military leaders - this University knows how to mark a rite of passage. And so it was on Monday 27 October, 2014 at precisely 10.26am that the bell was sounded in the Alumni Relations & Philanthropy (AR&P) Conference Room.

In each Advancement Office across Australia - from East coast to West coast - from the hallowed halls of the University of Sydney to those of the University of Western Australia, attached to the wall of each fundraising office is always the ubiquitous bell. A bell that can only be rung to recognise a significant philanthropic gift or to mark a premier philanthropic event. And so it fell to Daniel Law to sound the bell on behalf of 38 fellow ANU students to welcome our first cohort of callers for the University's inaugural Telephone Appeal.

Our callers reflect the rich tapestry of our diverse and vibrant ANU student population.  Hailing from around the globe, they are truly representative of the full student lifecycle - from first year to undergraduates to PhD candidates.  For the next six weeks the AR&P Conference Room will be transformed nightly into a calling room where our students will reach out to ANU alumni from across Australia to share their stories, hear their news and explore ways for alumni to stay meaningfully connected to the University. 

Welcome one and all.  And so the ANU annual giving journey begins.

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