Thank you for giving your time and talent to ANU

13 April 2022

The commitment and support of volunteers is fundamental to The Australian National University (ANU), and the importance of their efforts cannot be overstated.

It is in great part due to our dedicated volunteers that ANU is able to make so many important opportunities available to students, academics, and the community. These opportunities range from events, scholarships and prizes, to groundbreaking research programs.

ANU holds a very unique place in the higher education and research landscape, in Australia and globally. It has been extraordinary to be part of the evolution of the University's philanthropic structure since I first joined the Board of Governors (the forerunner to the ANU Foundation Board) in 2008. Back then, ANU was just starting to bring all the elements together. Today, philanthropy at ANU is a well-structured, highly active and global function, with strong governance. Volunteers have been key to this growth and success.

Not only do volunteers give their time, they bring a unique range of skills and perspectives to support a truly wonderful institution and the extraordinary work that is being done at ANU every day.

ANU volunteers help progress the University's work in delivering world-class education and research, and enable individual students to realise their dreams. These are achievements volunteers can be proud of every day for the rest of their lives.

Volunteers also report that their work has helped them create their own opportunities. Not only can they use volunteering at ANU on their résumé, they make great connections and gain valuable practical experience.

To all those who have volunteered at ANU - thank you. To anyone thinking of volunteering, we would love to welcome you into this thriving community.

Robyn Watts
ANU volunteer and Chair of the ANU Foundation Board


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Kim Chapman, President of The Friends of the Drill Hall Gallery
“In my various roles as a volunteer at ANU, I have gained far more than I have given.  Through its work, the University gives me hope that we can meet the considerable challenges we face, making it worthy of whatever contribution any volunteer can make. I am also a graduate of ANU and am grateful for the education and life experience I received there. So it is satisfying to remain engaged and give something back to the University.”

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Sarah Backhouse, Board Member, ANU (UK) Foundation
“It is rewarding to give back to ANU. The University played a big role in shaping who we are today and now we have an opportunity to play a small part in shaping its future. From fundraising to assisting with programming for regional events, there are many ways to get involved and give back. Best of all, it is fun to stay connected.”

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Angus Isles, Chair of the New York City Alumni Network
“One of the best things about going to ANU is the people you meet and the network you can build, both during and after your time studying there. Volunteering is a great way to stay engaged with the University and meet great people.”

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Josephine Janssen, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of ANU Women’s Alumni Network
“Volunteering provides me with great meaning and purpose. By volunteering you’re connected with a community who cares about the same issues as you do, provides support and encouragement, and empowers you to make the greatest impact possible. I strongly encourage those contemplating volunteering at ANU to take the leap. You will find yourself making strong connections, both locally and globally, and discovering new opportunities. I have met so many wonderful people during my volunteer role at ANU and have had the opportunity to learn from some incredible women I probably wouldn’t have otherwise met.”

This impact story is a feature in the 2021 Report to Donors

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