Sustainable Farms gives bird's eye view of farm conservation

12 May 2023

A team of scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) have received the 2022 Eureka Prize, and the Biodiversity Award at the 2022 NSW Sustainability Awards, for developing BirdCast - a tool that helps farmers predict the impact of their practices on bird species.

The research behind BirdCast is partially funded by donations to Sustainable Farms, an ANU initiative that supports farmers to transition to significantly greater sustainability in their farming practices.

BirdCast is a free web tool, which gives farmers insight into the woodland bird species present on their farms and how they may change under different conditions. The census-style surveys used in BirdCast provide a more accurate measure of biodiversity than satellite imagery. Australia has the potential to become a world leader in conservation and sustainable farming with tools like BirdCast.

Alongside BirdCast, Sustainable Farms conducts research on the economics, ecology, spatial science, mental health and social science aspects of farming in Australia.

Since launching in 2018, it has demonstrated outstanding research productivity, producing 43 papers in peer-reviewed journals and three books.

Donors to the Sustainable Farms project play a critical role in supporting and advancing the team's mission to protect and conserve biodiversity. Their contributions enable the team to continue their work with farmers, gather crucial data, and develop innovative tools. The impact of their support extends beyond individual farms to having a positive impact on the wider environment and wildlife.

By investing in Sustainable Farms, donors help to ensure the long-term sustainability of Australia's natural heritage and provide farmers with the tools they need to make informed decisions about conservation and sustainable farming practices.

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