Supporting presenters at World Indigenous Conference

Sam was able to attend WIPCE and present his research because Indigenous students were supported by funds raised by donors to the ANU
25 June 2018

"I knew that many of the best minds in this space would be there and I wanted to draw on that pool of knowledge."

Sam Provost applied to attend the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education (WIPCE) in Toronto, as his research focused on the collection and protection of cultural data and sharing this with non-Indigenous Australians in a respectful and meaningful way.

"I knew that many of the best minds in this space would be there and I wanted to draw on that pool of knowledge."

During WIPCE, Sam spoke about the importance of developing alternative pathways into higher education, and of building communities on campus that Indigenous students can call home.

Sam is grateful for the insights he gained during the conference and says that it changed his thinking on a number of subjects and broadened his worldview.

"Being exposed to the different approaches that have been taken by higher education institutions to develop curricula and support indigenous students was a real eye opener for me. The many examples at the conference provided a range of paths forward in our own institutions."

"Many times since WIPCE I have been able to draw on my experiences to offer an alternative perspective when talking through issues of Indigenous rights in education. To have this rich tapestry of knowledge that now colours my thinking is invaluable."

Aside from enjoying the academic aspects of the conference, Sam also made sure he got to experience the amazing food in Toronto.

"It would have been impossible to sit down and talk through all of the experiences we had, just as it would have been impossible for friends and family to take it all in. So I mostly talked about the food I ate (with pictures!) and how wonderful it was to be steeped in such diverse and colourful cultures from around the world."

Indigenous students at ANU who attend WIPCE are supported through funds raised by donors to The ANU Fund. By giving to The ANU Fund, you will support students like Sam who are trying to make a difference at ANU and to our nation. Together, we can count the ways that we are helping students and creating a better future for us all. You can give now to the appeal using the button above. 

Sam is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Management) in Enviromental Science, in the College of Science at ANU. 


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