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Creating a better future through scholarships
9 November 2017

Our donors are creating a better future for all of us through their generous support of scholarships.

Our donors are creating a better future for all of us through their generous support of scholarships.

Ensuring that more women achieve success in STEM, supporting Indigenous students achieve their best and helping all talented students access a world-class education regardless of their background are just some of the many wonderful societal benefits created by our donors.
Scholarships change lives and improve society. They also reward academic excellence and create a better learning environment for all students. Students who benefit from scholarships are also much more likely to contribute themselves once they have the means to do so.

Philanthropic generosity today continues to benefit individuals and society for generations to come.

The Natasha Linard Scholarship for Women in Engineering and Technology

The scholarship supports female students in their final year of undergraduate studies at the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science to build technology, business and community leadership skills, and develop a mentoring relationship with prominent professionals in the private and public sectors.

"I hope to apply my engineering degree towards tackling some of the big issues of the future, particularly in creating sustainable solutions for growing cities and populations."
Emily Rose Rees, 2017 Natasha Linard Scholarship recipient

The Ken Wanganeen Scholarship

The scholarship supports Indigenous students at ANU to achieve their best. The scholarship offers recipients both financial support and recognition of their achievements.

"I am so thankful for receiving the Ken Wanganeen Scholarship! This scholarship recognises the hard work that I have done during my studies and assists me in becoming an emerging leader for my local community and as an Indigenous person who aims to improve my fellow Indigenous peoples' experiences."
Kylie Beutel, 2017 Ken Wanganeen Scholarship recipient

The Thrive Scholarship

The scholarship recognises that all students have the right to thrive, regardless of their background. It also prioritises students who are making a positive difference to society and cultivates a tradition of support through mentoring.
"Education is the best investment you can make to create a better world."
Arun Abey, Thrive Scholarship donor

The Jesse Chang Scholarship

The scholarship supports disadvantaged Chinese students, preferably from rural areas of China, to study at ANU for three years. It was established by Jesse Chang who came to Australia at age 12 for his schooling, and graduated from ANU with an economics degree in 1977 and a law degree in 1980.

"I foresee the emergence of many talented Chinese ANU graduates from different backgrounds which will add to the warm relationship between Australia and China. Without question, the scholarship recipients will experience the same Australian warmth and inclusion as I did."
Jesse Chang, Jesse Chang Scholarship donor

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