Relocating for the love of maths

3 August 2020

This year marks more than three years of donor support to the Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences Fund. 

Donors to this fund are giving students opportunities to relocate and pursue their studies at the Mathematical Sciences Institute. Lewei and Letitia share their stories.

Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences Relocation Grant

Lewei Tao, 2019 recipient 

Lewei started enjoying maths in high school. He loved that it was a subject full of logical thinking, rigor and order. He was also drawn to maths, recognising that it can help lead to the truth.

Having completed his first year of study in 2019, Lewei believes that studying at ANU helped him realise he wants to delve deeper into understanding the cognition of maths.    

"The learning process that I enjoy most is when I communicate with my friends about maths, since they have the most brilliant brains in Australia and they always come up with good ideas."

As a first-year student, moving to another place to study and live was quite a challenge.

"I feel the relocation grant is like a warm hand that helps and protects the new people in Canberra," said Lewei.

Studying remotely for Lewei has been a new experience.  It has brought new opportunities to integrate technology such as Echo recordings for lectures and Zoom for sharing ideas with tutors and fellow classmates.  Despite the impact of COVID-19, he is still enjoying his studies. 

"I extend my sincere thanks to you. Since receiving the relocation grant, I have always felt the support of having people by my side. What you have done for my future will never be forgotten. I'm now focused on the study of maths and I will continue my journey. I want to be a mathematician in the future to explore the unknown areas of mathematics. Thank you again. My sincere regards to you." 

Letitia Law, 2020 recipient

Letitia moved to Canberra from Melbourne in  February 2020 and has been living on campus.  She is majoring in Mathematics and Psychology.

Letitia has been interested in mathematics from an early age. While still at high school, she recognised that if she wanted to understand maths on a deeper level, she would need to pursue it in higher education.

 "It's so satisfying when you solve a problem, as compared to other subjects. I've been aiming to come to ANU for this course and was elated when I was accepted." 

The news of receiving this year's relocation grant was comforting to Letitia. She had been without work for some time and the award enabled her to support herself. 

Letitia is still trying to work out where her degree can take her. "I am looking at a career that utilises my love of maths to help others -- something  like mathematical psychology."

She is currently focused on studying online using tools like Zoom, while figuring out where her degree can fit in the new normal.

"I extend my sincere gratitude to the donors. To be able to donate money in this time and situation is hard on everyone, especially since everyone is struggling with money and jobs now. I was able to pay rent with the grant money and buy groceries. Most importantly, it  gave me courage and motivation to work even harder with my majors, knowing that someone was supporting me --mentally and fiscally. I want you to know that you really helped a poor, struggling university student and gave her the courage to continue. You also gave comfort to my family, who were worried about my situation when I was not able to get enough work shifts." 

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