Our community makes our university - Thank you

21 December 2020

At ANU, the year began with an enduring commitment to generational change with the announcement of the Kambri Scholars program. With an endowed fund, the program will support generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to study at ANU and go on to fulfilling careers and lives. 

This year, 10 scholars have begun their ANU experience and are thriving thanks to a program that takes a holistic approach to supporting students. Over the year, many donors joined us in making this commitment to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students never again miss out on the opportunity to study at ANU. 

While we celebrated a step toward ensuring ANU is representative of our nation, we had not long been rid of bushfires at our doorstep, and smoke haze in our air. Reminders were ever present, including koalas who were injured and displaced by bushfires calling ANU home while they received much needed treatment. Our community gave generously, ensuring these Australian icons received the medical attention they desperately needed. Beyond rehabilitation, thanks to the support of donors, ANU researchers can continue their work to protect koalas and their habitats.   

Soon after, when COVID-19 caused the campus to close and sent many cities and countries into lockdown, our global community asked how they could help. In a short time, donors raised more than $160,000 for students facing unexpected hardship. So far, 103 students have received urgent relief. The ability for donors, who themselves may have been facing adversity, to consider others in desperate need, showed exceptional generosity and care for our ANU students.    

In 2020, thanks to donors, talented students came to ANU, researchers continued working on solutions, and our community saw the power of generosity in action. 

If you would like to know more about the impact of giving, you can find more stories on our giving page.


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