Honouring the legacy of Bhavita Patel

9 November 2017

Bhavita Patel was an alumna of the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) and a treasured Deloitte employee. After Bhavita died in 2017, her family and colleagues wanted to honour her memory by establishing a scholarship.

The Deloitte Foundation, together with Bhavita's family, decided to establish a scholarship at CBE to improve access to tertiary education for students who may not otherwise be able to attend ANU, as well as recognise and reward academic excellence.

In a further fitting tribute to Bhavita's wonderful personal qualities, the scholarship prioritises students with an authentic and deep commitment to community.

Gifts to the Bhavita Patel Undergraduate scholarship will support the establishment of a perpetual endowment so that the scholarship can continue to be awarded in Bhavita's name.


The inaugural Bhavita Patel Undergraduate scholar, Melora Stokes
The inaugural Bhavita Patel Undergraduate scholar, Melora Stokes

“As a rural student who is required to move from home to further my education at The Australian National University, the scholarship will ensure a smooth transition as I begin my studies and it will be reassurance for my family.”

Inaugural Bhavita Patel Scholarship recipient, Melora Stokes

Letter from Bhavita’s family

Bhavita Patel

We, the parents and brother of Bhavita, feel so very touched by Deloitte and ANU joining forces to create a scholarship in her name to honour her.

Bhavita will forever be in our hearts. We miss her terribly and not a day goes by without her presence in our thoughts. But with this scholarship, she will forever have an enduring presence in the hearts and minds of the Deloitte team and the recipients of the award.

It is a great joy for us that the scholarship fund has reached a level to allow it to be awarded to the first recipient, Ms Melora Stokes. We wish Melora the very best in her life and in her journey - not only to academic success, but also to achieving inner peace, tranquillity and to fulfil her desires to be always helpful and available to others.

She has our best wishes and blessing for her future.

Bhavita’s Dad, Mum and Brother

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