Hello from ANU

13 November 2017

During the 2017 Phone Appeal, donors contributed $86,355 to The ANU Fund, which supports priority initiatives across campus, focusing on ANU students and staff and upholding the University's reputation as a world leader in research.

The student calling team represent the diverse and vibrant student population at ANU. They share common qualities from their involvement in academic and social life on campus: energy, curiosity and enthusiasm. They bring these same qualities into the call room and to the phone conversations they have with alumni.

The students represent their colleges, schools, residential halls, clubs and many other areas of campus life, leading to rich and engaging discussions with alumni. Over the course of the Appeal, the 40 student callers had a total of 4,567 conversations with ANU alumni and staff.


“As you would expect, the call room is a buzz of excitement with a great sense of community being established within the student calling group.”

Felicity Gouldthorp, Deputy Director (Operations) ANU Advancement

“It’s definitely valuable for alumni to hear from students and to hear about the impact that donations to The ANU Fund have across campus and even the wider Canberra community.”

Laurelle Vingoe, Annual Giving Manager

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