A flipping good cause

20 February 2018

To celebrate Pancake Day, the Alumni Relations & Philanthropy (AR&P) administration team hosted a pancake party for all AR&P staff.

Kayla Hincksman, Executive Assistant, says the idea came to her as she was driving to work one morning.

"There was a conversation about Pancake Day on the radio and I thought that would be a great way to do some fundraising at work."

Armed with four frypans, five colleagues and a Costco pancake mix, Kayla and four other staff spent a virtuous hour flipping pancakes.

"I discussed ideas for fundraising with my colleagues and everyone agreed that we should raise money for The ANU Fund. Our work revolves around receiving funds so we thought that this would be a great way to give something back ourselves."

The delicious aroma quickly lured the rest of the office to the kitchen with their gold coin donations. Laurelle Vingoe, Annual Giving Manager, was especially pleased to see her colleagues' hearty appetites:

"It was great to see so many of my colleagues donating to The ANU Fund and enjoying a pancake feast at the same time!"

Please visit the ANU Fund page for more information.

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