A birthday gift that keeps on giving

The Dixon-Walsh Scholarship
6 April 2018

ANU is a very special place and it is fantastic to be able to give back.

When ANU alumnus Alan Dixon's father turned 75 he found a meaningful way to celebrate with a gift that will keep on giving.

Alan is the Managing Director and CEO of Evans Dixon, an asset manager and financial advisory firm. In 2017, he made a landmark $1.35 million scholarship donation to ANU in honour of the friendship between his father, Daryl Dixon, and Daryl's colleague and lifelong friend, Max Walsh. The scholarship celebrated not only Daryl's 75th but also Max's 80th birthday.

Alan graduated from the ANU with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1995. He established the scholarship to enable financially disadvantaged students to study at the ANU Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics.

Alan acknowledges that, if it wasn't for the scholarships his father had won to both the University of Queensland and then Cambridge University in the UK, he wouldn't have had the opportunity to have such a successful career.

Now based in New York, Alan says that ANU remained an important part of his own journey to success.

"ANU is a very special place and it is fantastic to be able to give back."

The scholarship is also a means to celebrate the connection between Dixon Advisory and Canberra, with recipients given invaluable first-hand experience through a summer internship at the Dixon Advisory office in Canberra.

The Dixon-Walsh Scholarship is offered annually, in perpetuity. Each recipient will receive up to $50,000 over five years, enabling students to pursue the unique ANU Flexible Double Degree program or a combined degree with Honours.

ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Schmidt says that the scholarship aligns with his vision for ANU as a vehicle for social change.

"Equity scholarships sit right at the top of the Strategic Plan for ANU because of their transformative impact. This gift from Alan is a remarkable act of generosity."

Max and Daryl are hopeful that one part of their legacy will be an amazing set of scholars at ANU.

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