2018 Giving by numbers

17 July 2019

In 2018, your generosity made a positive difference to the lives of 850 students at ANU. Your gift, regardless of its size, is creating a better future for all of us.


New funds raised for the University (including pledges, gifts in kind and excluding philanthropic grants)

This helped projects like the geospatial partnership with the Yawuru community.




Number of gifts

“Stories are so important and I can’t wait to share mine with a student caller after I graduate.”

Eleanor Armstrong, student caller




Largest gift raised

Craig Edwards’s gift of art to ANU is the most valuable donation of its kind given to an Australian university. It comprises 120 Western Desert paintings valued at over nine million dollars.




Funds raised for student support

This supported students like Khamis Buol who arrived in Australia as a refugee from South Sudan, and is now motivating his brother and sister on their path to University.




Given by staff to ANU through the Workplace Giving program

“This is a way of saying thank you for the life experiences you’ve given me. I feel valued and in me feeling valued I’m happy to give back.”

Sarah O’Callaghan, Workplace Giving donor




Number of students who benefited from philanthropic support

“The financial aspect has enabled me to purchase all of the necessary equipment and has also allowed me not to have to work.”

Stephanie Pollard, current John James Foundation Award recipient

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