End of Year Appeal

The future starts here

Making change starts now.

This year has brought extraordinary challenges, with nearly everyone feeling the impacts. The world around us is collectively waiting for a new year and hoping for a fresh start. At ANU, we are not waiting. We are already working on the challenges of today to ensure a better tomorrow for all of us.  

When you support ANU, you not only make change for a person or project, you propel the transformation that person or project will bring about for our community, our country and our world.

If you want to make change for a better future but are not sure how - start here, start now. 

Choose how you want to make change

The ANU Fund - Area of greatest need

The ANU Fund aims to have an immediate impact on the University community by supporting priority initiatives that focus on students, staff and alumni, and upholding the University’s reputation as a world-leader in research.   » Read the full story


Student Urgent Relief

In a time when the future seems uncertain, your support will give students stability and security to keep learning and remain connected to the ANU community.   » Read the full story


Kambri Indigenous Scholarships

A university education changes lives. And there comes a moment in time, when we have the opportunity to change the future. For our nation’s First Peoples. For Australia.   » Read the full story


Asia and the Pacific - A better tomorrow starts here

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) is at the forefront of driving Australia's engagement and understanding of its neighbourhood.   » Read the full story


Business and Economics - Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders

For Maliha Hoque, receiving a scholarship meant more than just financial support; it was also a tangible example of the valuable experiences she could look forward to at ANU.   » Read the full story


Engineering and Computer Science - How a scholarship can be the ticket to higher education

Support a new type of engineering and computing education, one that is fit for the middle of the 21st Century.   » Read the full story


Health and Medicine - Solutions start here

From bushfire smoke to COVID-19, we are working on solutions to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our nation.   » Read the full story


Law - Supporting leaders of tomorrow

Training and educating the future leaders in law, public policy, global diplomacy and more for generations to come.   » Read the full story


Science - Innovation through science for a better future

Our researchers are working on science led solutions to protect the environment and communities from the present danger of natural disasters and climate change.   » Read the full story

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