ANU Giving Day

Give more than a degree - Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Giving Day is about bringing people together to support individuals achieve their potential. On Giving Day 2018, our community raised funds for rural and regional scholarships.

We raised $135,167!

Thank you to the 570 donors who helped us raise $135,167. This means we have funded 27 scholarships.

The scholarship has been endowed, ensuring that one student from regional and rural Australia a year will receive a scholarship in perpetuity.

Scholarships help students get more than a degree

Scholarships give students the freedom to choose their university experience and the freedom to shape their education.

Without the necessity of juggling multiple jobs with full-time study, students have more time to study, pursue their interests and get more than a degree.

Three rural and regional students tells us how their scholarship gives them more than a degree:

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