Disclosure log

The disclosure log contains documents disclosed to applicants under the Freedom of Information Act. Documents related to, or containing personal information will not be published to the log.

ANU endeavours to publish all documents to the disclosure log within 5 working days of releasing the information to the applicant.

To access the documents listed in the Documents Released column please contact foi@anu.edu.au to arrange for the documents to be emailed or posted to you.

Date posted ANU reference Request details Decision letter Documents released
2 March 2015 201500005C
  • Deposit records (bank statements) for the years 2004 to 2014 inclusive, from the Photomedia Department account, ANU School of Arts
25 February 2015 (PDF, 625.94 KB)
16 February 2015 201500003C
  • Internal reports relating to the Deloitte pricing guide for deregulated university fees, or the pricing guide report itself.
16 February 2015 (PDF, 547.47 KB)
10 October 2014 201400535C
  • A copy of the contract between the Australian National University (ANU) and Study Group for the operation of Australian National University College (ANU College)
7 October 2014 (PDF, 1.54 MB) Schedule of documents (PDF, 252.29 KB)
11 July 2014 201400413C
  • A copy of the Paragon Report on project delivery services within Facilities and Services, understood to be known as the Paragon Report 2013
9 July 2014 (PDF, 567.21 KB) Schedule of documents (PDF, 322.16 KB)
20 June 2014 201400357C
  • Documents relating to the total cost of installation of the three new security cameras in the forecourt of the ANU Chancelry Building (next to the Chancelry pond)
17 June 2014 (PDF, 585.36 KB) Schedule of documents (PDF, 319.21 KB)
17 June 2014 201400175C
  • Notes, files, documents, emails, records of telephone and meeting records and details, written, electronic or in other form, held by the ANU in relation to the accusations of anti-Semitic actions by Socialist Alternative including those from Market Day in O week.
  • Notes, files, documents, records of telephone and meeting records and details in relation to any meetings held before that day in relation to Socialist Alternative at the ANU from the period 1 January 2013, in particular in the month before and after 12 February 2014.
  • All the written material, records, details, notes, emails, files held by relevant parties at the ANU in relation to the article published on 11 March 2014 in Woroni entitled 'Anti-Semitism at the ANU', including details of meetings between Woroni and other people about the article and any documentation, notes, files, emails and telephone and meeting records etc relating to the article.
  • All the documents, files, notes, records, emails, telephone and meeting details that Professor Richard Baker has in his investigation into the allegations of anti-Semitic behaviour by Socialist Alternative.
  • Copies of the 3 most recent ANU compilations and/or analysis of allegations of racist and/or religious attacks and discrimination and the approach the ANU took and outcomes.
  • Copies of all the material available in relation to the recent decision of the ANU to establish an investigation by Professor Richard Baker into allegations of anti-Semitic actions by Socialist Alternative.
12 June 2014 (PDF, 1.53 MB) Schedule of documents (PDF, 458.47 KB)
13 June 2014 201400162C
  • Any cost-benefit analyses produced by or for the ANU, relating to the ANU's participation in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), specifically the EdX programme;
  • Any invoices or receipts for the subscription/participation fees paid by the ANU or paid by any person or organisation on the ANU's behalf, to EdX;
  • Minutes of meetings of the University Council where participation in the EdX programme was discussed, and specifically meetings of University Council where participation was recommended by any advisor bodies either set up, or liaising with the ANU;
  • Any agreements which detail the copyright arrangements applying to lectures, lecture materials, course materials, video materials and software used in the EdX programme;
  • Any agreements entered into by the ANU with EdX relating to possible changes in the form, delivery, copyright structure of, or billing for participation in, the EdX programme, especially relating to consultation processes through which the ANU may express its views regarding certain changes;
  • Any strategic planning documents, outlining the processes and metrics intended for use by the ANU to ascertain the relative success of failure of its participation in MOOCs, especially the EdX programme.
10 June 2014 (PDF, 1.23 MB) Schedule of documents (PDF, 258.97 KB)
19 May 2014 201400278C
  • Documents held in the ANU staff file in the name of Geoffrey James Thomas Jukes (born 28/8/1928, died 2010)
15 May 2014 (PDF, 941.11 KB) Schedule of documents (PDF, 256.01 KB)
13 February 2014 201400059C
  • Correspondence, including e-mail, only between Professor Ian Young, Vice Chancellor of the ANU and The Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Commonwealth Minister of Education only, since 8 September 2013 to 20 January 2014
10 February 2014 (PDF, 586.92 KB) Schedule of documents (PDF, 326.67 KB)
20 December 2013 201300785C
  • Completed PBL Quantitative Observer Forms for all PBL groups
  • Any documents containing information regarding the grading system including classes and types, related reasons, mechanics and implications, how the content of an answer or behavior accords what marks or penalties and how this all adds up, and standard comments that may be put in the Admission Outcome column of Interview Combined Result forms.
  • Any document containing information that refers to the translation of combined marks from PBL Quantitative Observer Forms to Interview Combined Result Forms
  • Any documents containing information regarding the transfer of information from individual station results contained within Interview Records Forms and PBL Quantitative Observer Forms to Interview Combined Result Forms that shows the basis of: - who made the comment - how, why and when the information is transferred; - revisions to comments, marks or any other information contained ; and - whether revisions to marks and comments is allowed or is impermissible
  • Any documents containing information provided to Gemsas about the applicant.
  • A sample of de-identified 5 highest scoring combined forms.
19 December 2013 (PDF, 2.16 MB) Schedule of documents (PDF, 367.4 KB)