Wood From The City: the future of urban forestry

Presented by ANU College of Science

As a city, we cherish our urban trees and the many benefits of the canopy cover. Every year, however, thousands of urban trees in the city must be removed as they reach their natural end-of-life and become hazards. Currently, massive amounts of potential hardwood timber from urban trees is destroyed as low-value firewood or mulch or is taken to the landfill to be buried.

David Barmon will talk about how to better utilise the wood from urban tree removals and also plan for the future so that we can intentionally grow wood in the city. Retooling how we manage our urban forests will not only provide truly local building materials but also increase the tree canopy, reduce urban forestry costs, as well as improve the environment and public health.

David Barmon is president of Epilogue LLC, a company that mills urban trees into lumber. He also co-owns Fiddlehead LLC, a Portland, Oregon-based landscape construction and consulting company which promotes an integrated approach to food, forestry and water. Most of David's work involves running a small scale sawmill operation. He has cut several hundred thousand board feet of lumber and installed countless edible landscapes and rain gardens in the Portland area. David has been a powerful advocate for the urban lumber movement over the last decade. He has successfully leveraged private industry, non-profit organisations, and government to push for transformational changes in the urban forestry system.

David has presented keynotes at Wood at Work (McGill University 2017 and University of Toronto 2018), the prestigious International Living Future Conference, TEDx Kelowna, and the Mid Atlantic Urban Wood Forum (Virginia Department of Forestry). David was named Sustainable Business Oregon's Emerging Leader in 2013.