Vietnam: political and economic challenges and opportunities

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Australia and Vietnam are deepening their relationship, from ‘friendship to mateship’ as Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in his recent State Visit. How good a ‘mate’ Vietnam will turn out to be depends importantly on its political and economic development from here on.

This one-day conference discusses the constitutional (rule of law) history in Vietnam, and examines the nature of Vietnam’s polity and compares it with China’s. The conference also traces the impact of internal and external forces on the reform of the legal system and state institutions in Vietnam. Despite having one of the most rapid transformations within living memory – from a poor war-torn country to a middle-income country - Vietnam’s economy is coming up against some serious challenges, including environmental constraints and a domestic private sector shackled by crony capitalism. These challenges as well as opportunities to strengthen the skilled labour force through higher education reforms will be canvassed.

Speakers include experts from the ANU, the Fulbright University, Vietnam, and Johns Hopkins University, USA.