Town Hall meeting: Protection of Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom

At its August meeting, Academic Board discussed the 2019 Report of the Independent Review of Freedom of Speech in Australian Higher Education Providers by The Hon Mr Robert French. While the report found that there was no freedom of speech "crisis" in Australian universities, protection for academic freedom and freedom of speech could be strengthened by the adoption of a model code on a voluntary basis.

The ANU Academic Board agrees with the principles presented in the model code and resolved that as the national university, ANU should consider developing its own statement, by this document. Members also noted that this would necessarily create more documents to observe and maintain, and to align with the existing Statement on Academic Freedomand associated statements and policies.

To this end, members of the university community (current academic and professional staff, and students) are invited to a meeting to contribute to the development of an ANU statement about freedom of expression and academic freedom. A light lunch will be provided.

Written response are also invited. Please submit to Academic Board Secretary: by 31 October 2019.