Towards reinvigorating Australian foreign policy studies

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific


The 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper highlighted how forces of change are challenging the rules-based global order upon which Australia's security and prosperity has depended since the Second World War. At this moment of uncertainty in Australian foreign policy, how well-equipped are Australian academics to contribute to navigating a way forward? Asking this question invites reflection on the state of foreign policy studies in Australia as well as the extent to which the study and practice of foreign policy are (or could, or even should be) connected.

In this special live recording of the "Australia and the World" podcast, host Allan Gyngell will canvass panellists for their views on the state of Australian foreign policy studies and solicit their advice for reinvigorating the field.

Panellists include:

  • Professor Valerie M Hudson, Vice-Chancellor's "Australia in the World" Visiting Fellow at The Australian National University (ANU)
  • Mark Kenny, Senior Fellow at ANU Australian Studies Institute
  • Professor Jacqui True, scholar of politics and international relations at Monash University

As they begin to cast a vision for the future of Australian foreign policy studies, the panel will consider pressing questions of concern to the public as well as the academy.

Is the role of academics to 'take sides' and provoke public debate? Should they focus on systematically advancing our theoretical understanding of the factors that impact foreign policy decision-making? Should their influence be exercised behind the scenes, operating as trusted advisers when called upon by our political leaders? Or should they concentrate foremost on teaching, equipping the next generation of decision-makers? Join us to hear as we hear from leading foreign policy experts on questions that matter for the future of Australian foreign policy studies.

Canapes commence at 5pm outside the theatre. 

This event follows on from the Future of Australian Foreign Policy Forum held from 11am-5pm on 14 March. Find out more here.

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