TikTok: The Platform, The Public, The Politics.

From Cottagecore to do-it-yourself dance clips, TikTok has something to distract everyone.

The latest social media craze to sweep the world has been the entertainment platform of choice during lockdown periods for many of us. But this hasn't stopped TikTok from becoming entangled in political controversy and debate about cybersecurity.

In this event, we talk all things TikTok - from the perspectives of TikTokers themselves, politicians, and security experts. Jointly hosted by Policy Forum and Learning Communities, the discussion will be attended by four panellists, each with a different area of expertise to bring to TikTok.

There will also be opportunity for panel interaction and Q&A during the event. Talking points during the event will be:

  • What makes TikTok different to other social media platforms?
  • Why has India banned it, and why is the US moving to do so?
  • If the platform is so popular, is it democratic (or fair) to ban it?
  • Are fears of spying and data sharing grounded?
  • Do the positives of TikTok outweigh any potential risks it poses?