The secrets of black holes, with Dr Ryan Ridden Harper

Presented by ANU College of Science

Black holes are a thing of mystery, with some fascinating history.

Why do Black Holes exist?

What happens as you reach them?

And what might happen inside of a Black Hole?

Join us for a journey to and into the secret life of Black Holes with Dr. Ryan.

Suitable ages: 6-12+.

But if you're older and interested, join anyway!

Timezone: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne [AEST]

Format: Completely online via Zoom.

About Ryan

Dr Ryan Ridden Harper is a Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Canterbury. In the past, he's done some exciting work at Johns Hopkins University, Space Telescope Science Institute, and The Australian National University.

He works on transient objects, supernovae, and other explosive cosmic events and things. To search for these, he develops the Background Survey, which is applicable to Kepler and TESS data to perform the largest high cadence survey for transients.

Ryan often gives talks to schools across Australia and New Zealand, and appears on ABC as an expert speaker on all things astronomy.

Outside of his research, Ryan enjoys teaching and science outreach, photography, bouldering, and hanging out with his dog Dr Carina.

Follow Ryan (@RyanRidden) on Twitter to find out about his latest work.