The Return Home (LGBTIQ+ students managing the transition)

or many students who identify as LGBTIQ+, ANU is the first inclusive environment that provides a safe and supportive opportunity to be themselves. They may have come out while at ANU, but at the end of their studies, are faced with the question of if and how they 'go back into the closet' for their own safety when they return home.

This event is for current students, allies and alumni to hear from later year students and alumni on the prospects of returning to a community or country where being LGBTIQ+ is difficult or even illegal. They will discuss their realities; and learn about tools, strategies and options to equip them before their return.

Allies are strongly encouraged to attend and learn about what their friends and family can face, to prepare themselves and understand what support they can provide.

If you are a LGBTIQ+ alumni or know someone who is, please consider making contact and being a member of our panel.

Please RSVP by 16 October.