The Levant Crisis: Syria, Iraq and the Region

Presented by ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences and ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

The Syrian civil war has killed thousands and displaced millions, with dire economic, social and political implications not just for Syrians, but neighbouring countries, the region, and wider international community.

But what has caused the worst humanitarian disaster of our time? What do we need to know about the conflict’s dynamics? Who are the main actors and players? Where is it headed? Where to in the wake of the Paris attacks? And what should be Australia’s role be in all of this?

The one-day conference, The Levant Crisis: Syria, Iraq and the Region, tackles these essential questions and other critical aspects of the conflict.

Speakers include Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs Director and Professor of International Relations, Michael Wesley, and Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies Director and Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Amin Saikal.

They will be joined by Former Australian Ambassador to Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Mr Bob Tyson; expert on sectarianism, political Islam and studies of religious institutions, Dr Raihan Ismail; intelligence and security expert Dr John Blaxland; military studies expert Professor Dan Marston; and Dr Haroro Ingram, an expert on insurgent ‘information operations’ and movements.

The conference is jointly presented by two of The Australian National University’s leading institution in these fields – Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Australia’s leading centre for international, political, societal, diplomatic and strategic affairs of our region, and the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, Australia’s premier location for studies of the Arab and Muslim world, as well as in North America and Europe.

The Levant Crisis: Syria, Iraq, and the Region is a free and accessible event for media, the government and policy community, diplomatic core, students and graduates, and the general public who seek a deeper understanding and insight into the complexity of the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts, and the regional situation.

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