The insane engineering of solar and wind farms, with Manik Mahajan

Presented by ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

About this event

Solar farms and wind farms are giant projects that require some serious engineering efforts!

Just in the last decade, we're now able to build them in incredible scale quicky

And we've only just begun. It'll only get cheaper and quicker to deploy renewables.

But how are they made, built, and operated?

Join us in this Young Stars session to find out with Manik.

Suitable ages: 6 -12+.

But if you're older and interested, join anyway!

Timezone: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne [AEST]


About Manik

Manik works with energy, infrastructure, and investment companies to help us inch closer toward a net-zero future as a strategy consultant.

Manik trained as a computer scientist and an engineer. He also teaches courses in innovation and project management at the Australian National University.