The Dark Side of Galaxies: They're cannibals! with Professor Geraint Lewis

Galaxies are cannibals. Big galaxies eat smaller galaxies to become even bigger!

Our Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy – two giant galaxies in our local patch of the universe – are heading for an immense collision with each other in only a few billion years’ time. So which will dominate in this intergalactic tussle?

Astronomers are scouring the skies to look for cannibals, and finding that our own Milky Way is also guilty of being a cannibal also!

Join us with University of Sydney's Professor Geraint Lewis to learn all this.

Suitable for aged 6-12+.

But if you're older and interested, join anyway!

Timezone: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne [AEDT]

Professor Geraint Lewis is a world-famous cosmologist, currently working at the University of Sydney. His area of expertise is looking at the influence of dark energy and dark matter on the evolution and ultimate fate of the Universe.