The Australian launch of the World Development Report 2019: the changing nature of work

Presented by ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

The World Bank's 2019 World Development Report studies how the nature of work is changing as a result of advances in technology today. It argues that in light of the disruption from technological change, a new social contract is needed to smooth the transition and guard against rising inequality. As a first priority, significant investments in human capital throughout a person's lifecycle are vital to this effort.

If workers are to stay competitive against machines they need to be able to retool existing skills - or be better from the start. In addition to investments in human capital, the changing nature of work demands updates to social protection systems. Governments will also need additional revenues to fund the investments demanded by the changing nature of work. The 2019 World Development Report presents an analysis of these issues based upon the available evidence.

Don't miss the Australian launch of this much anticipated report, with guest speaker Michal Rutkowski.

Michal Rutkowski is the Senior Director for Social Protection and Jobs, overseeing the World Bank's work in developing systems that protect the poorest and most vulnerable from crises and shocks, and supporting private sector-led growth. He served as an Advisor to the 2019 WDR. Mr Rutkowski holds an MSc and PhD from Warsaw School of Economics and finished his post-graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

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