StarFest 2020 Goose Chase


This year StarFest 2020, hosted by The Australian National University is going virutal!

A virtual scavenger hunt that you can play from your home. Connect with family and friends across different households, or across the country, while learning interesting facts and the latest news from professionals in the field of Australian astronomy. Family members or friends can be on your team, or you can play some friendly rivalry to see who can get the most points!

Each day until 11 October 2020, new missions will be released on the Goose Chase app and you choose when to play them. Once you have registered and downloaded the app you can access the game at any time that suits you. Play to score points and race against other teams or simply enjoy the fun of the game and learning astronomical facts.

This event is also part of Siding Spring open day (StarFest) featuring a suite of virtual events. More information on StarFest: