Science fiction futures: in conversation with Cat Sparks and Chris Palmer

It is the year 26,000. A catfish dips into a pool of acid water, the sky is a single ashen cloud. Terry scans the landscape: a metallic junkyard, concrete, hot and bothered. What has happened?

Science Fiction Futures asks you to consider your own vision of the future. Do you see catastrophe or sustainability? Importantly, how has science fiction shaped collective understanding of the future?

Join Cat Sparks (Lotus Blue (forthcoming), Agog! Press) in conversation with Chris Palmer (Castaway Tales, La Trobe University) for a fascinating discussion on speculation, science fiction, collective consciousness and environmental narratives of the future. The event will be opened by Zoe Tulip (ANU School of Art) presenting her work on art, controversial issues, and the Anthropocene. There will be plenty of time for questions from the audience.

All are welcome to attend.

This event is the last evening session on Thursday during the ANU Student Research Conference.

The Manning Clark Centre is wheelchair accessible. Please email if you have any questions or concerns about access or general questions about the event.