RSE F.H Gruen Public Lecture - Presented by Professor Ngo Van Long

Join us for the 2018 F.H Gruen Public Lecture on 'Ethical motivation and economic behaviour: theory, evidence, and policy implications.' Presented by Professor Ngo Van Long.

Abstract: This lecture reviews a refreshing stream of economic literature that emphasizes the fact that economic agents operate within a moral framework and often make economic decisions taking into account the ethical dimension. Both theoretical considerations and empirical evidence (in the lab and in the field) are presented to support the view that economic behaviour is influenced by moral concerns, moral upbringing and cultural background. Concepts such as rule-utilitarianism and Kantian equilibrium are shown to be useful tools of analysis for some economic issues, such as endogenous turnout in elections. A major policy implication is that market-based incentives may sometimes be counter-productive..

Bio: Ngo Van Long is James McGill professor of economics at McGill university, Montreal, Canada. He is an ANU alumnus. His Ph. D. dissertation, under the guidance of John D. Pitchford, was awarded the John Crawford Prize in 1975. His research interests include international economics, public economics, resource and environmental economics, industrial organization, and dynamic games. His research outlets include international journals such as Econometrica, Journal of Economic Theory, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of International Economics, International Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior, Economic Theory, Economic Journal, and Theoretical Economics.

Event will commence at 5.30pm and will be followed by a reception.

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