RSAP 2014 Symposium: Landscapes of Sovereignty in Asia and the Pacific

Some of the most enduring and dangerous conflicts in Asia and the Pacific involve cases of disputed sovereignty. Tensions between states arise not only over claims to territory, but also over the demand for responsibility inside, and occasionally outside of national boundaries.

Complex issues surrounding sovereignty require both historical perspective and an eye to the future. Contemporary actors remain keenly aware of past compromises of national sovereignty, even as developments in global finance, in civic organisations, and in new conceptions of the responsibilities that states have to their own populations, are transforming the sort of authority that states are able to exercise.

The 2014 symposium of the ANU Research School of Asia and the Pacific brings together 13 scholars from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America to discuss the meanings and practices of sovereignty from the perspective of the changing state system, human rights advocacy, and the implications of economic globalisation.

In order to open the event to a global audience, the discussion will be webcast live. We welcome questions and comments from our online viewers.